Father & Son See UFO

Father & Son See UFO

Date Reported: January 10, 1950

Location: Las Vegas AFB, NV

A man and his father were observing 2 F-80 jet fighter aircraft coming in for a landing approximately 8 miles from Las Vegas Air Force Base.

At an angle of approximately 45° into the Sun.

And saw an object at an altitude of approximately 1,500' to 2,000'.

They stated that the object was within their vision for approximately 25 seconds and that the appearance of the object was pure silver, round like a balloon and apparently constructed of solid material, a metal.

They stated that the object was approximately 25' or 30'′ in diameter and that the direction of flight was northnortheast, and that they observed no tactical movement or maneuver of the object, but that had it been an airplane, it could have been observing the flight of the jet aircraft.

They also stated that the motion of the object was smooth, at first slow and then a very rapid acceleration in a horizontal ascent, disappearing over mountains to the East.

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