Follow Up On Green Fireballs

Follow Up On Green Fireballs

Date: December 8, 1948

Location: 20 miles East Of Las Vegas, NM

2 Air Force Office of Special Investigations Special Agents, Captains Melvin E. Neef & John J. Stahl, Jr.

Returning from investigation of green fireballs in a Beech T-7, heading East at 90 and 190 mph at 11,500' altitude and 5,000' above ground, saw green fireball 30 to the left of their flight path, to the eastnortheast at 60 azimuth, at an estimated 2,000' above their flight altitude of 13,500'.

Which shot past them maintaining almost level flight until the end to the westsouthwest at 240 azimuth when it seemed to burn out and drop with reddish/orange glowing fragments which lasted less than 1 second.

Later aerial search of the ground site in daylight found nothing.

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