Langley AFB Sighting

Langley AFB Sighting

Date: June 23, 1954

Location: Langley Air Force Base, VA

An object, appearing larger than a full Moon hovering over hangers moved at varying speeds and made 90° and 180° turns.

At age 15, visiting my cousin, whose father was Department head, model testing, NCAA, forerunner of NASA.

George & I were on the road crossing one of the runways where we stopped at a signal indicating runway in use.

George, looking out the driver's side, commented on the full Moon.

I was looking out the passenger window, observing a much larger object, Moon like in shape which was hovering over the hangers.

It began moving, slowly at first, in a straight line, accelerating as a group of 3 F-101 Voodoos began chasing it.

The object made 2 90° turns and floated back to initial position.

Minutes later, a group of 3 F-100 Super Sabres did likewise, but the object made 2 spectacular 180° turns, then soared directly upward until it disappeared.

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