Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up

Date: Summer - 1947

Location: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

The 16 year old main witness and his younger brother were resting and reading at a creek that ran near their home when they heard a hum, and saw a silvery metallic object with a dome on top land right in front of them.

A door opened and 5 grotesque creatures, resembling praying mantises emerged, they wore dull silver body fitted covering.

The main witness stood up as one creature came up to him, looked at him, & took the book from his hand.

The creature then put his hand on the witness's shoulder and began reading his thoughts.

The creature had large black eyes that appeared to emit a clicking sound.

Soon the creature rejoined the others and they walked around the object as if inspecting it.

The witness then heard a telepathic message telling him that they were leaving, not to look up.

The object then shot up emitting a deafening noise.

Both witnesses were extremely thirsty after the encounter.

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