Landing On The River Bank

Landing On The River Bank

Date: June 3, 1920

Location: Near Mt Pleasant, IA

Another pre Roswell sighting took place in Iowa, on the morning of June 3, 1920.

It was a little after 10:00 a.m. when Clark Linch was at his father’s farm, around 6 miles out of Mount Pleasant.

According to Linch, he was fishing at the time when a strange egg shaped object appeared out of nowhere from above and silently landed on the river bank.

The object was around 15' away from him and simply remained motionless.

Linch would recall it was around 15 minutes later when he began to think about walking over to the craft. Just as he did so, however, it burst into life. Although still completely silent, it quickly rose into the air, eventually disappearing out of sight. When Linch did walk over to the spot where the strange, oval object had landed, there was a clear impression left on the grass. There were no burn or scorch marks.

Although Linch wouldn’t speak of the encounter for another 35 years, when he did, the details were intriguing. He would claim that the object had a blue and translucent color to it. So much so that it would have been camouflaged in the sky.

This is an interesting observation and certainly makes one wonder at how often such objects might be moving around the skies above us today.

He would also estimate that although it moved with precision, its speed was only around 5 mph.

Ultimately, he would conclude that it wasn’t anything from Earth.

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