9 Witness UFO

9 Witness UFO

Date: July 5, 1958

Location: Lakebay, WA

I was 7 years old in 1958, and we slept out in our yard pretty regular in the summer months.

Not just my brother and myself, but the whole family.

We had a 2 story home on a farm in the country that was built in the late 1800s and while it was big and handsome, it did not have a stitch of insulation in it so it was cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

I remember back to one evening in particular, our family was sleeping outside.

Mom, dad, my brother and sister and me.

Another hot summer night in about July/August.

As we lay looking at the billions of stars in the clear dark sky, one star in particular, we thought a shooting star, was coming straight toward us.

It came out of the southeastern sky and flew straight above us in a graceful arch to the middle of our sky.

It stopped and hovered directly above our farm.

It was large in the night sky, about as big as a silver dollar at arms length, looking up through our 5 archer window of evening sky.

It was a round metal looking disk shaped ship, and it hovered above us for a while with blinking white lights around the edges, and then other ships came out of it on 8 points of the compass.

These ships were about the size of dimes compared to the mother ship.

All the ships looked as though they were very high in the sky and all looked like shiny metal.

The little ships came straight out and hovered for a few moments then shot across the sky in all 8 directions so fast it was like seeing shooting stars.

All at the same time and all completely across the sky out of sight in seconds.

The main ship continued to hover in our sky as we watched and visited about what it might be.

We lived across the bay from McChord Air Force base at the time, so our first thought was it was something from the base.

But that would change when the smaller ships returned around an hour later.

When they did, they came from many directions, but not all at the same time.

These ships traveling as fast as shooting starts would fly halfway across the sky and with out slowing down, would turn 90° and shoot across to the mother ship.

When they returned to the mother ship each hovered next to her for a few moments then disappeared inside.

After what seemed like all of them had returned, we didn't count them when they came back, and after all that returned had entered the mother ship, she started kind of glowing.

Going bright and dim and the lights around the edge started spinning faster and faster.

There was no sound at any time.

Then the ship shot straight up and to a pinpoint and out of site in seconds.

Sightings such as these became pretty regular when we slept in our yard and we looked forward to the shows when we'd go out there to sleep.

We decided they were UFOs or flying saucers when they made their unusual moves across the sky, but no one ever said what they were and we never reported them to any one.

I let it go and figured it would be explained in time.

But I am now 63 years old and it has never been explained.

I decided I should get this story told before I am to old to remember it and to old to type it out.

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