Flying Saucer Over Grandparent's House

Flying Saucer Over Grandparent's House

Date: November 9, 1957

Location: Plumstead, London, England

On a Friday night in November 1957, during the showing of Wells Fargo on the TV, my Grandfather came in to say that there was a flying saucer over the common in front of our house.

This proved to be true.

When I was young I lived, with my family, next to my grandparents house in Plumstead, London, England.

We lived facing Plumstead Common and, as my grandparents had a TV, we used to go next door to watch Wells Fargo on B.B.C. every Friday night.

My grandfather used to go over to the Windmill Public House on the far side of the common, in the evening, for a drink.

On this evening he arrived home early and told us all that there was a flying saucer over the common.

My grandmother thought that he was drunk but my mother, father, sister and I went to the front door of my grandparents house and saw a large, red flying saucer hovering right in front of us.

At a height of about 30' and at about 100' away.

The disk was about fifty feet in diameter at its widest part with a protruded central cabin area which was about twenty five feet in diameter. It had circular windows through which people could be seen and behind them was a central core - about ten feet in diameter. It hovered in front of us for some time and we could clearly see the people - not aliens - moving about inside. It started to move over the house so my sister and I ran through the house to watch it as it flew away but, when we looked - it had gone. The incident was reported in both national and local papers but were either 'rubbished' or grossly distorted. I thought that this sighting was as spectacular as seeing a jet aircraft - nothing more or less. No-one had mentioned that UFO's did not exist and that what we had seen was a figment of our collective imaginations.

I saw what I saw - and so did my family.

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