At Boy Scout Camp

At Boy Scout Camp

Date: July, 15, 1957

Location: Kresgeville, PA

As a child, I watched a star move slowly around other stars for a period of 20 minutes

This event happened when I was 12 years old.

It was the Summer of 1957 and I was at boy scout camp.

One evening we had a sleep out in an open field under the stars.

It was an extremely clear night.

I was laying on my back staring at the enormous number of stars.

The Milky Way seemed wider and clearer than I had ever seen it.

I must have been looking directly overhead for a number of minutes when I realized that one of the stars was moving.

I was convinced it was an illusion, so I looked away and looked back again, and couldn't find the moving star right away, but after about 30 seconds, I saw it again.

It was just another white dot like all the other dots, only it was moving.

It's impossible to say how much area it covered or how far away it was, but I'd say that it seemed to be travelling in an area about that appeared to be about 4" by, maybe, 6" of the sky, from my perspective.

I guess this would mean that it was happening quite far away.

It moved very slowly in an up and down meandering sort of way as it weaved a path between the fixed stars.

I then turned over and went to sleep.

I never said anything to the other scouts, probably because I was sure they would kid me. but I have never forgotten this event.

In later years I mentioned it to some people and one person pointed out that it might have been Sputnik, which I guess was around that time, though I wouldn't think it was visible to the naked eye.

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