Teen Sees UFO & Occupants

Teen Sees UFO & Occupants

Date: 1966

Location: Springfield, MO

Kathy Palmer, age 14, looked out the window of her home in Springfield, Missouri before going to bed and saw a luminous object bearing red and blue lights on the lawn. It was about 6' long, egg shaped, and 4' wide by 4' high, and it made a rattling sound. From a square hatch. Two 5' tall slender occupants emerged, who either had large heads, or wore helmets. They walked about for a few minutes, apparently communicating with each other, and examined some bicycles. Then they returned to the craft and it took off.

The total duration of the encounter was about 30 minutes in all.

At the landing site the grass was matted down, and there was a white substance which proved to be calcium phosphate.

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