Visit By Huge Saucer Over Korea

Visit By Huge Saucer Over Korea

July 15, 1954

Location: Over 38th Parallel Of Korea

I'm surprised not to have found this sighting on any calendar of UFO events, but it was widely seen by public and military, and it was published in an English language edition of some local newspaper in Tokyo/Yokohama, Japan.

I was working in Army Headquarters in Yokohama Japan, message center.

For a period of 4 days a saucer was seen directly over the 38th parallel in Korea.

The military had it on radar and said it's altitude was 40,000'.

People at that point could see it from the ground.

After 4 days Air Force jets were sent up to get a closer look, but not to fire at it.

As they reached about 20,000', the saucer lifted up to 80,000', an altitude that the jets could not achieve.

It stayed at that altitude for another 3 days.

It was calculated to be 900' across, and then just disappeared.

How can government deny existence of such information?

It's said that anything they can't control is a threat and denied.

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