Project Twinkle & Green Fireballs

Project Twinkle & Green Fireballs

Date: June 1, 1948

Location: Korea

Project Twinkle green fireballs sighted in Korea during same period of 1948 through 1950 as in the U.S. Southwest.

I have never seen a UFO, however, my father told me an interesting sighting he had when he was in junior high school, sometime in 1948 & 1950, in Korea.

It was during the daytime when he saw a bright bluish/green light in the sky.

It was so bright that it seemed to light up the whole area even in daylight.

It seemed to be hovering in the sky and my father assumed that it must have been a comet that was flying directly towards him so that it created the illusion of hovering.

It disappeared after a while, and he never told anyone about it because it was so strange.

Also, he noted that there seemed to be some sort of cylindrical/prism like shape inside the light and sketched it out for me.

I happened to be flipping though a book on UFOs and noticed a blurb about Project Twinkle and realized that the dates and descriptions matched exactly.

So, I guess that this means that the perceived phenomena was not restricted solely to the American Southwest.

Also, my father is highly rational and pragmatic and doesn't indulge in thoughts about the paranormal.

Neither of us previously knew anything about Project Twinkle.

The perfect match between his description and dates with the Project Twinkle sightings confirms that what he saw was real.

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