What Kiwis See in the Skies

What Kiwis See in the Skies

Date: September 30, 1960

Location: Shelton, New Zealand

Here’s a recent news article UFOs in New Zealand:

What Kiwis see in the skies

Most often seen at night are bright lights of white/orange/green or red.

Frequently an orange ball of incredible brightness that splits up into several green balls which zip away at unearthly speed.

They don’t flash on and off, but they do move faster than any craft that we know humans can make.

The one I saw was very bright in daylight and hung in the sky in the same spot for a minute then zipped up and over behind a cloud.

My husband is 60 and has seen dozens of all sorts of different kinds, from monstrous sized cigar shaped ones to tiny zippy orbs. He thinks there’s at least 5 different propulsion systems and he’s an aircraft engineer.

New Zealand sightings: UFO sighting in Rotorua National, New Zealand.

UFO at Whakatane, New Zealand?

Last nights activity ICCD monochrome.

What Kiwis See in the Skies

And there’s lots more.

Officially UFOs are now a thing. Pentagon confirms existence of $22m UFO program, releases incident videos.

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