Something Paced Us

Something Paced Us

Date: July 20, 1970

Location: Kindred, ND

When I was 6, my mom and I witnessed a large glowing orb that flew alongside our car.

It was the summer of, I believe, 1970. My mother and I were driving home to Lidgerwood, in southeast ND, from Fargo. We were driving down state highway 46.

I looked out the passenger window into a field and saw a large glowing light, moving silently throught the field, pacing the car.

I asked:

Mom, what's that?

" At such a young age, I was merely curious, completely unafraid. I had no idea what a UFO was.

When my mother looked over at the field and saw the object, she was visibly frightened, and punched the accelerator of the car. I remember looking at the speedometer and noticing we were driving 85 mph., which confused me.

Seeing my mother frightened began to make me feel a bit scared, too, and I kept looking at this glowing object as it stayed with us, approximately 300' into the field.

As I was so young, and all of this is a bit foggy in my memory, I can only give rough estimates.

I would say that the object was perhaps 50' to 60' long, it was difficult to see how wide it was. It glowed brightly, and made no sound.

After a bit, I seem to have fallen asleep, I really can't remember how it all ended.

All I know is that we arrived home safely, and whenever I have asked my mother about the incident, she is reluctant to talk about the sighting, usually dismissing it as swamp gas.

As an adult looking back at what I saw, I find it hard to believe that we witnessed swamp gas glwong and pacing our car at 85 mph Somebody regress me. I want to know what I saw.

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