Christmas Eve UFO

Christmas Eve UFO

Date: December 24, 1997

Location: Kimsar, Rajahstan State, India

My name is Alex Carrara, I am 17 years of age.

My family lives in Geneva, Switzerland, we were spending the Christmas holidays in Kimsar, Rajahstan State, India.

On Christmas Eve, December 24, 1997 I was standing outside our rented villa with my parents, brother & sister when we noticed a crowd of 10 to 12 local people looking up at the sky.

When we looked up, we were struck by the sight of a bright yellow/orange UFO, soundless, with a yellow/orange glow or aura emanating from it.

The UFO approached Kimsar from the East at an extremely high altitude flying about at between 50° to 70° above the horizon.

Some of the local witnesses argued that it was a satellite, but the direction of the object wasn't straight like a satellite.

The object followed 3 different courses.

I know the sky well and have been studying astronomy for years, I know this was not a star.

It couldn't have been a distant electric light because there are no lights in Kimsar because there is no electricity.

The UFO performed its strange turning manoeuvres for another 5 minutes before it disappeared in the West.

We were left in doubt about what we had all seen, it was spectacular and strange to witness.

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