Strange Craft Landed

Strange Craft Landed

Date: 1932

Location: Near Killdeer, ND

Leo Dworshak and his brother were playing in an isolated area reported seeing a strange craft landing nearby.

An invisible force field apparently kept him & his brother from approaching the craft.

They watched the strange machine rotate in a complicated way.

It had flashing colored lights on an outer shell, like a band or a belt that circled the vehicle at its widest point.

The inner shell seemed to be standing still, or perhaps turning the opposite way.

It was totally silent and produced no cloud of exhaust fumes or smoke.

The ship left but returned the next night.

On this night the aliens, which Leo described, as very much resembling humans but looking very much like each other almost like twins, invited the brothers onboard the object.

After being disinfected the aliens gave them a tour of the craft.

They also showed them the future, one that foretold of the home computer and the rise of Nazi Germany.

The aliens told the boys that humanity would shun their experience.

They also told Leo that they hailed from the 12th galaxy, and that they kept 12 of their kind on Earth at all times.

Inside the spacecraft Leo remember seeing chairs that would move to accommodate guests at the pointing of an alien finger.

The ship itself had a force field, allowing it to go invisible when needed.

Leo again reiterated, one alien looked very much like the next.

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