2 UFOs Enter & Emerge From Ocean III

2 UFOs Enter & Emerge From Ocean

Date: July 8, 1947

Location: Muroc Army Air Field, Kern & San Bernardino Counties, CA

Army Air Force First lieutenant Joseph C. McHenry, Technical sergeant Joseph Ruvolo, Staff sergeant Gerald E. Nauman, and Miss Jannette Marie Scotte at 10:00 a.m., saw 2 saucers or disk shaped objects, silver and apparently metallic, fly a wide circular pattern at about 7,500' to 8,000' at 350 to 400 mph northwest toward Mojave, CA.

Before the first 2 objects disappeared a 3rd similar disk or spherical silver object reflecting sunlight was seen, with additional 5 witnesses, to the North flying tight circles at about 7,500' to 8,000' beyond the capability of known aircraft, maintaining altitude.

No sound or trails.

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