Reflective Oval Seen Hovering Over Washington D.C.

Reflective Oval Seen Hovering Over Washington D.C.

Date: June 7, 1950

Location: Kensington, MD

The object was noticed approaching sundown as it flashed reflected sunlight brilliantly like a mirror. It didn't flash again but appeared to be a reflective, metallic, egg shaped object hovering to the south over Washington D.C. or Chevy Chase, MD. It first appeared similar to a blimp, but had no markings, tail surfaces, flaps, openings, windows, lights, rivets or other surface details. It moved silently and left no contrail.

Kensington is at a higher elevation than Washington but it was difficult to judge the size, distance and height of the object. It appeared to be at about 20 elevation from the horizon and disappeared at perhaps 60 from horizon.

The object moved very slowly to the west parallel to the ground for several minutes, and after angling upwards 45 or 50 it began to ascend rapidly and in 15 or 20 seconds it became a tiny point of light in the dark blue sky before disappearing. Its upward movement was of continuous and rapid acceleration at several times the speed of a conventional aircraft. As it moved the object's apparent shape changed from egg like to a flattish ellipsoid, more specifically a symmetrical convex lenticular cross section top-to-bottom, a slightly elongated ellipse along it length, the narrower part of which was its rear. The object was also seen by my wife and neighbors.

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