3 UFOs Witnessed By Locals

3 UFOs Witnessed By Locals

Date: June 30, 1953

Location: Kelso, WA

We were in a car driving my grandmother back home.

My grandmother, myself in the middle and my mother sat in the back seat.

My parents friends sat in the front.

We were driving North, about 4 miles from Kelso, on a major road, Grade Street?

The male driver noticed 3 bright objects hanging/hovering above the green wooded hills East of the road.

The objects were not far above the hills.

The driver commented something like:

Do you see that?

The adults replied that they did.

The driver pulled the car over to the side of the road, facing North, on the East side of the road.

We all got out and stared at the objects.

They were about 3 miles East & a few hundred feet above the top of the hills.

The 3 objects hung in the sky for minutes while the adults made brief comments and stared.

The 3 objects were hanging at various altitudes.

One on top and to the North of that one and somewhat lower the 2nd object and the 3rd to the South of the 1st and slightly lower than the 2nd.

No sound was heard.

Minutes after, the top object flew up and out of sight.

The 2 lower objects remained unmoving.

After another few seconds, one of the lower objects also flew up and out of sight.

And a few seconds later the 3rd and last object shot upward and out of sight.

My mother said these objects were silver in color and oval shaped.

At times the Sun glinted off of them, they would have been East of the Sun which was facing their front, behind the road and car, during that afternoon time.

I was a child 4 to 6 years old.

My parents owned an electrical contracting business and were prominent in the local country club social group.

We lived in the best part of town.

Our friends also owned a thriving photography business and all were prominent in city society.

My grandmother came from Europe and lived on a 5 acre estate.

Our photographer friend went to the Longview Daily News newspaper to report this sighting.

An article appeared in this newspaper.

Also, this photographer friend of our family was very close to an inventor in this locale who had a great interest in aviation, and the sighting discussed above was talked about in great detail over the years.

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