Disk Object Being Forced Down Between 2 Islands

Disk Object Being Forced Down Between 2 Islands

Date: July 15, 1972

Location: Kekaha Highway, HI

I was enrolled in a catholic school on the shoreline of Kekaha Kauai Hi. it was reported there was a few Humpback whales spewing water outside near the bouy. while watching from the shoreline I observed a flashing over and over and over to the West of me on the beach near the Naval base in Barking Sands Naval base vincinity on the north westside of Kauai Hi.

I watched the flashing for a few seconds till it ended. Later on when my dad came back from the base, I asked my dad what happeneed at the base, to which he replied what are you talking about? I then repeated the same question.

He then told me that what happened was classified. He couldnt tell me what truly happened.

Being the prying child I was I pried it out of him what truly happened.

He then told me that a unidentified object flew into the airspace near Barking Sands Airbase unannounced. they then was asked to identify themselves, no reply. immediatelly 3 F-14 Tomcats was deployed to intercept the object. One on the top of the object, 2nd right side, 3rd left side, forcing the object down into the sea.

The UFO was forced down into the channel between the 2 islands where it laid for a few days. on the 4th day a Soviet recovery vessel showed up in the vicinity, on a salvage mission. The United states government stated that they was violating United States territory, and to leave immediatiatily.

Neither side, U.S. or Russia was able to recover the vessel, because of the depth of the channel.

Personal note please.

This info is extremelly sensitive. as far as i know it is still classified. I am a formal naval sailor, with many different decorations. Am qualified with observations according to naval regulations.

The said UFO was low on the horizon between the islands of Kauai and Niihau. As far as I know the disk was never recovered by either side and still lays down their.

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