Silvery Sphere Moves Slowly Overhead

Silvery Sphere Moves Slowly Overhead

Date: November 15, 1953

Location: Keansburg, NJ

Briefly, a friend of mine and I were walking backwards along route 36 near Keansburg, NJ, at 3:00 a.m. in mid November of 1953.

It was unusually cold.

The wind was strong and from the northwest, which is why we were walking backwards against it.

The location was roughly 300' West of a used car lot and perhaps ½ mile East of what was then Martini's diner.

The sky was bright with stars.

I don't remember if the moon was visible.

A mile or so away, to our East, a line of treetops was outlined.

A brilliant silvery sphere rose slowly and deliberately up from behind the trees.

It was impossible to judge its size.

Relatively speaking it was about the size of a full moon.

Because the tree line was about one or two miles away, the sphere must have been of considerable real size.

It wobbled slowly upward and in our direction until it was almost directly overhead, then made an abrupt turn to its left.

By this time my friend and I had stopped walking and had begun waving and shouting at it.

It wobbled in the same falling leaf motion until it disappeared over the horizon to the North.

All together it was in sight for about 9 minutes.

On its approach it covered an arc of about 80° of sky, and about the same distance during its departure.

It was moving against a strong wind, was completely silent, and didn't change in shape, color, brightness or in any other respect except direction of flight, as far as we could tell.

Neither of us reported the incident.

It was not an ordinary object, not an airplane, balloon, blimp, space debris, satellite, or hoax, at least I can't imagine how such a hoax could have been perpetrated, or why, in the middle of the night in a deserted area.

It turned my conception of the physical world upside down.

It's been bothering me for 48 years or so.

I was in high school at the time and didn't give it that much thought, but went on to become a skeptic, psychologist and trained observer.

It's made the burden of carrying this information that much heavier, since the experience matches up with nothing I've learned about the physical world or the mind.

As for my friend, I'm doubtful that I can find him, it's been a long time.

I've heard that he spent a few years in prison and had become bald.

If he's still alive I doubt that he's forgotten the incident.

I also know some others who have had sighting and will try to reach them as well.

Most of my career has been spent in research.

Of course my friends name shouldn't be included.

Just after this thing disappeared, I don't want to call it an object, he turned to me and said:

Max, if you'd been alone and told me about this later I would have said right away that you were bullshitting me.

That's verbatim, this stuff is pretty clearly etched in my brain.

I just did try to find him, actually, and located someone with his name living in New Jersey.

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