Kansas City UFO

Kansas City UFO

Date: July 15, 1954

Location: Kansas City, KS

First of all my brother and I where playing outdoors that evening chasing each other around our apartment buildings, when I spotted something coming in from the north, a glowing object shaped similar to that of a boomerang, this kind of shape.

I continued to watch the object streaking across the evening sky until it passed overhead without a sound. As it passed directly over I could make out some detail to its shape, it had 3 raised ribs on each half of the boomerang, and was golden in color.

It must have been moving at tremendous speed, because it didn't take 3 minutes to pass from horizon to horizon. I knew it was moving very fast, from watching many B-36s flying out of Offutt Air Force base over our home in Kansas.

My brother is now deceased. And I have been wanting to tell my UFO story to someone for years. I do believe that their is life throughout the great universe.

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