Katsuragi Mountain, Japan Encounter

Katsuragi Mountain, Japan Encounter

Date: 460

Location: Katsuragi Mountain, Japan

According to the ancient Japanese manuscript, Nihoni, the Emperor Oho Hatsuse Vaka taka no Mikoto had gone hunting in the mountain with bow and arrows when unexpectedly a tall man in a strange cap and tight fitting clothes descended from the sky. By his face and manner of behavior the Emperor thought that he had encountered God himself and decided to ask him who he was.

The tall man answered:

I am the God of visible people. You give me your King’s name and I will give you mine.

The Emperor answered:

I am Vaka Taka no Mikoto

And the tall man gave his name: Your obedient servant God Hito Koto Musi, which literally meant:

God of one word. Goodness that sprays evil with one word and the good by one word.

He left his chariot, spacecraft, that was emitting light and joined the emperor in his hunting expedition.

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