Sightings in Northern Greece

Sightings in Northern Greece

Date: 2003 Through 2005

Location: Northern Greece in Katerini opposite Mount Olympus

I would like to report numerous UFO sightings in Northern Greece near Mount Olympus.

There are 4 witnesses, my father - 60, my mother - 55, my sister - 33 and my cousin - 40.

The location is a small village by the sea in Katerini opposite Mount Olympus, having a clear view, and Thessaloniki city.

The above witnesses have seen unidentified flying objects numerous times. Mainly during night and some times during the day. They say they look like spheres made of mirror, they’re really shiney and make no sound at all. They’re travelling really fast making it impossible for them to grab a camera and photograph them.

In the mean time in Greece, there’s been a theory that there is an alien underground base in Mount Olympus. Many magazines have done features regarding this matter as well as credible reporters, one of them Hardavelas, have done numerous documentaries trying to reveal the truth behind this.

Another weird thing that happened was the following:

My cousin and her husband - 45, saw an entity numerous times inside their house. They also tried to capture it but the entity was moving really fast and it seemed that it had the ability to disappear somehow. The sightings happened during night time.

They described the entity really short, around 3', reptilian brownish skin, with white hair.

The clothes the creature was wearing were similar to those arab people are wearing, like a gown. The couple was so terrified that started seeking help from the church and numerous religious people. They thought it was a demon or something.

Anyway, these sightings are real! My folks, who are extremely serious people, already believe that there is something going on out there. Nothing has been reported to the authorities and in my opinion that’s a good decision, as the government probably already knows about the activities.

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