Stationary Cigar Shaped UFO

Stationary Cigar Shaped UFO

Date: August 4, 1958

Location: Karangaroa, New Zealand

At age 12 in 1958 I saw dull silver stationary cigar shaped object in clear sky with no markings or sound for 5 minutes.

I am a 55 year old white male.

When I was about 12 on holiday hunting in the West coast bush I stopped in a clearing, looked up on hearing a high flying piston engined plane.

I saw a stationary, cigar shaped object in the clear sky.

The aircraft was much higher, moving from left to right.

The dull silver cigar with rounded ends was on the right hand side of my view.

I remember wondering if it was connected with the aircraft somehow, like if this was how waste was dumped from planes, far out in the country.

I stayed looking up at it for what seemed likes ages, but was probably only something like 5 minutes.

During that time I saw no movement, heard any sound.

There were no markings on it, it was a dull silver color, and it was a strange sight.

I didn't report my experience to anyone for several years afterwards.

It was still there when i gave up waiting for it to do something and left the clearing.

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