Car Engulfed In Red Light

Car Engulfed In Red Light

Date: July 15, 1957

Location: Kansas City, MO

My father deceased now, mother now 75, sister now 44, and self now 54,

Light remained for what seemed 3 minutes, but could have lasted several hours.

No sound, no aircraft, no other traffic, 3 of us witnesses are still live

While returning from Joplin, MO. on 95th Street while going West.

My family encountered a red glowing event in which the car, a 1956 Oldsmobile seemed to be bathed in a red florescent type light.

My father, mother, sister and my self were illuminated as well.

It was at a recent family gathering that my sister, mother and me discovered we had the same memory.

My father died several years ago, the event occurred near a plant that at the time was used for nuclear equipment production, or it was rumored.

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