Grammar School Student Watches UFOs

Grammar School Student Watches UFOs

Date: October 1, 1952

Location: Kansas City, MO

I was on the playground of my grammar school in Kansas City, MO, when I happened to glance eastward at the horizon.

I saw a very large number of disk shaped UFOs glinting in the sunlight.

As I watched in astonishment, the objects passed directly over my head and continued onward until I lost sight of them, in all an event of about 90 seconds.

I had the good sense, even as a 10 year old, to punch a nearby playmate and point upward.

He saw them too.

After school the both us went to my house and called Richards-Gebauer AFB to report on what we had seen.

About 2 or 3 weeks later, 2 Air Force officers came to my school and I was called out of class and interrogated by them.

First, they asked me how many objects there were and I said about 100.

They were obviously shocked and, intimidated, I said maybe there were 50.

I have always believed the number to be closer to 100.

I explained that the disks flew in perfect formation, in what I would today call a chevron formation.

I also explained that they did not fly in an uninterrupted, straight ahead motion, but displayed a yo-yo motion, almost as if they were intaking air to propel themselves.

Then resting momentarily before the next intake and move forward, and so on.

This they did in perfect unison.

Both officers were skeptical & sarcastic, and asked me if I knew what ducks look like in formation.

I made a V with my fingers and refused to go along with the duck hypothesis.

Then they told me that these things are usually reported in 2s and 3s, not in large formations.

They asked if anyone else saw the event, and I told them the name of my playmate, who was sitting in his classroom, not 100' from where we were sitting.

They then said they had all the information they needed and left without interviewing the other boy.

Over the years, I have read much of the published UFO literature and have found only one sighting that somewhat resembled my own, that of a U.S. soldier in the South Pacific in 1942.

He also saw a large formation of disk like objects, which at one point made a loud rumbling sound.

In my case, there was no detectable sound.

The amazing thing is that there were at least 100 children playing on that playground, and as far as I was able to determine at the time, no one else noticed this obvious intrusion into the skies above our school.

Had I not thought to signal my playmate, even I might have concluded that I saw an optical illusion.

But it was no illusion.

On a couple of other occasions, years ago, I attempted to contact other UFO organizations, but no one got back to me.

Now I am 66 years old and feel strongly that I want some permanent record of what I saw to exist after I am gone.

I would also like to explore whether the record of my Air Force interrogation still exists, though I doubt it.

I have always felt very privileged to have had this unusual sighting, at the same time frustrated by the official disinformation campaign that obviously is still going on.

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