UFO Came From The East

UFO Came From The East

Date: June 8, 1950

Location: Kansas City, MO

The UFO came from the East, as I was looking North.

It hovered briefly above the house across the street from me, that house was on a small hill.

It then move to the house on the left.

And stayed there for a few minutes.

It was then I mentally asked for it to land and take me for a ride.

I was about 4½ years old at the time, June 1950.

I then heard, in my head the response:

No. Not now... Not yet.

I became angry and frustrated, and with my single shot cap gun, I shot about 3 rolls of caps at it.

After some time it flew back East, from its orignal point, behind some trees.

The object was about 30' wide and 10+' high.

It had 3 balls on the bottom, I assumed for its landing.

It was silvery/grey in color.

About 30 years later, I saw a photo of George Adamski's Saturn shaped ufo, and it looked quite a bit like what I had seen.

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