Bright Light Zooms Up To An Airliner

Bright Light Zooms Up To An Airliner

Date: July 22, 1953

Location: Near Kalama, WA

While at a swimming hole, we saw a bright light zoom up to an airliner, fly alongside it for a time, then zoom off again.

My friend and I were lying on the grass next to a swimming hole in the woods.

A number of our friends were there too.

He & I were watching an airliner flying North.

Then, a bright, circular light zoomed up from the southeast, flew alongside of the airliner for a while, then zoomed off to the northeast.

Its speed made the airliner look like it was standing still.

Earlier that summer my friend's mom had lent me a recently published book claiming the existence UFOs.

I had never heard of them before, but perhaps this was one of them.

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