Saw 3 Weird Entities

Saw 3 Weird Entities

Date: July - 1940

Location: Jutland, Denmark

In the late 1970s, several authors told that in July or August 1940, one afternoon, in the center of Jutland, Denmark.

A 15 year old boy went to the feeding trough with some cows, and then suddenly saw 3 weird characters who advanced in the northeast.

They are described as wearing a dark green suit, of one piece that covered them entirely except for their face hidden behind a glass plate.

From the shoulders to the feet, they had 2 bumps or pipes of 4" thicknes.

These 3 beings were of normal size but moved by slightly dangling the arms like robots, according to the statement of the witness.

At some 100' of him, they took the direction of the south and disappeared behind a hill.

The boy then rushed there and saw a hemispherical shining object posed on the ground, with the 3 characters in the vicinity.

Whereas he saw no door opening, he noticed that the beings were gone.

The object emitted a high pitched whistling sound like that of a metal axis spinning quickly, rose slowly, and after 6 to 7 seconds, took the direction of southeast where it was lost from sight.

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