UFO In Vietnam

UFO In Vietnam

Date: October 1, 1970

Location: Jungles Of Vietnam

One night, high in the mountains of the Vietnamese jungles, I, along with my gun crew were manning a machine gun overlooking the steep slopes of a mountain ledge, and we were talking softly of home and wondering if any of us would get back there.

When, a bright light very high up in the sky attracted our gaze.

The night sky was clear and we could see countless stars above, but this light was brighter then any of the stars that was above us, then the bright light began to move in a very precise way. It moved out horizontally and and without stopping, it went down in a vertical ascent and then horizontally and then vertically down and it did this like moving down a step of stairs at such precise angles about a half dozen steps and then in a perfect return arc to the point it first started moving. It had return to it's original position and then in a flash, it moved up and out into space at a tremendous speed and disappeared from our sight.

We knew of nothing in our arsenal or anyone else's that could have made maneuvers like that.

As for being nowhere near civilization, after a few days ,we had all forgot about what we had seen and never made any sense of it anyway.

Just wanted to get that off of my chest, after all these years, I believe that at the time, we had witnessed a UFO.

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