Death Bed Confession

Death Bed Confession

Date: January 1, 1970

My neighbor recently died at 94.

He had his picture taken with fellow scientists of the Lunar Surveyor craft.

It was one of his fellow scientists who informed me at the neighbors BBQ, that he and his colleagues at JPL personally saw the images coming in revealing Moon surface close ups.

Of collapsed domes, machine debris, miles of various surface tracks and numerous buildings of an ancient alien outpost.

He said this information is held by few, and no one was informed any further.

All present had to sign 50 year confidentiality agreements, providing 20 year prison sentences for violation.

Since then, all imagery from space vehicles are scrubbed at facilities like Pine Gap, Australia, at that tracking station by CIA/DIA/NSA personnel.

Alien presence has never not been present.

Let's hope their agenda remains tolerable.

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