Recounted UFO Sightings

Recounted UFO Sightings

Date: June 30, 1951

Location: Johnstown, PA

My father recounted the following sighting to me in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s:

He recalled that he was a day laborer on the Conemaugh-Blacklick Railroad working with a sledgehammer on the track.

He had been on the job for several days on a crew of dozens to perhaps a hundred or more workers.

It was a sunny, cloudless day with a deep blue sky.

He guessed that it was mid morning to mid afternoon.

Someone said something like:

Oh look.

He looked up and saw a gigantic silver disk travelling at an incredible speed.

People gasped in awe.

After reaching a point in the sky, it came an immediate halt, hovered for many seconds to maybe a minute, then dropped a mile or so, hovered, shot across the sky, hovered, then disappeared.

It made no sound and left no vapor trail.

It had no ornamentation, but was a clean disk.

Dad had never seen a UFO before and did not believe in them, nor was he a particularly religious or superstitious person.

He had been discharged from the Navy in December 1949, where he had driven a landing cra!ft since 1944.

He said he had been trained to judge size and distance and had used antiaircaft guns in some of his engagements in the South Pacific, as well as his ship's 14" to 16" guns as a fill in.

He estimated this UFO was about the size of 4 football fields, and travelled at speeds exceeding any aircraft he had ever see, which included some of the early jets.

Only a missile well into its flight might have equalled it.

But it stopped on a dime.

The next day, he came to work and was told he was no longer needed.

He had not checked to see if it was reported by the local media and had not gotten acquainted with anyone, but he did recall talking about it with somone who worked next to him.

Later, he did see the movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and remarked that it looked alot like that craft, but he said it was much larger.

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