Midday Oval Shaped Object

Midday Oval Shaped Object

Date: June 3, 1951

Location: Jasper, NC

In 1951 when I was 6 years old I was standing in the front yard at my grandmother's home in North Carolina.

I looked over the road and beyond my Aunt's cornfield, midway between the tall pines trees and ground was a large anitque gold colored object, slim on both ends and large in center, rather like an oval stretched out.

Along the length was something that looked like port holes.

The top was dome shaped.

I remember it just sat there, no movement, no nothing.

I looked for about 5 minutes because I had never seen anything like it.

I knew it wasn't a blimp nor helicopter or plane.

Living about 40 miles from an air base I was use to blimps, planes and helicopters.

What I saw wasn't any of those.

This has haunted me for 54 years, and whenever I go home for a visit I always ride over to just stare at the place where I saw that thing, trying to figure out what I saw and why.

Even when I'm on the phone or whatever, I find myself doodling and ending up drawing the object without realizing it.

Today I am 60 years old and always kept that moment like a secret.

I told one person years ago and they thought I was nuts, plus seeing programs on TV concerning UFOs didn't help me open up either.

Now I want to find out or try to understand what it was I saw.

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