I Saw Balls Of Fire

I Saw Balls Of Fire

Date: June 1, 1945

Location: Jasper, FL

I believe it would be to our best interest to check this out.

My family and I were coming home from visiting my Uncle about dust.

I was riding in back of my dad's truck when I saw a ball of fire running along with us on the other side of the fence.

I could not see the full size of the craft because the fence row had weed growing up along side of fence.

It ran along with us until the road made a 90° turn to the right.

The craft went on down the fence row.

I did not see it any more.

My dad said that he had seen it before.

About 2 months later my brother and I were hunting at the end of the field, when we came to a mound of dirt that looked like a grave.

I asked my brother what it was, he did not know.

It was about 9' long and about 5'.

The ground was still fresh at the time we saw it, we have lived their all our lives.

We know no one had died there.

Fire was coming out the rear of the ship.

I think about this all the time.

It's like something is trying to get me to go back there, and I won"t.

I believed there is something there.

I would be more than willing to go show it.

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