Copper Cigar Shaped Object

Copper Cigar Shaped Object

Date: April 30, 1953

Location: Jamison, PA

In the spring of 1953 my mother & I saw an immense silent grey metallic cigar shaped object moving from Doylestown toward Jamison.

This is a story my mother has repeated to me throughout my life.

She is now 79 years old & I asked her yesterday to tell me once again so I could report it accurately.

In 1953 we lived in the countryside between Doylestown & Jamison, Pennsylvania.

I was 3 years old & my mother was about 8 months pregnant with my sister, so it was either very late April or very early May.

It was a warm spring afternoon & before my Dad came home from work we walked up a path in the woods to the top of the hill into a field where we had pretty much a 360° view.

My mother recalls that as she was looking off toward the hill to the North between us & Doylestown.

She saw what at first appeared to be a blimp moving rather slowly through the sky.

It turned & moved toward us and as it came overhead she realized it was colossal, it covered the sky.

It created such a shadow that the breeze ceased in the trees & even the birds fell silent.

She said it was 1,000' above us, the size of 3 football fields from our perspective & that this was no blimp.

The object was a dull silver/grey, had no seams, no lights, no windows, no propeller, no cabin underneath & it moved in absolute silence.

She said she was terrified because of it's size.

Apparently she told me to run home with the Cocker Spaniel & she tried to run also, but being very pregnant could not move very quickly.

She has always thought they did not harm her because she was pregnant.

My father did not believe her when he got home.

Sometimes I think I should be hypnotized to discover how I remember this event.

I read that something similar was seen in Texas in October of 1952.

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