Everyone Saw It, Except Myself

Everyone Saw It, Except Myself

Date: June 30, 1975

Location: Isabela, Puerto Rico

This is a second hand report. I myself did not witness this. My grandfather, grandmother and aunt witnessed a UFO flying low so that it was clearly visible.

Further, the entire neighborhood of Medina in the town of Isabela emptied out of their homes to observe the craft.

My grandpa is now deceased, grandma has alzheimers and my aunt is loathe to admit it, though she has admitted to a few family members, including her children. also my father attests to the veracity of the story.

Publicly, my aunt would now say she assumed it was military, however the description fits the classic saucer shaped unidentified object with pulsating colored lights.

By that time Base Raymond of USAF in neighboring Aguadilla was closed. Further Isabela has had a reputation for UFO & USO sightings.

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