Silver Circular Craft Above Hay Field

Silver Circular Craft Above Hay Field

Date: August 1, 1974

Location: Inverness, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Circular craft seen maybe about the size of a small car near Inverness, with what appeared to be 3 circles on the surface equally spaced could have been lights cannot remember clearly. Very silver and shiny metal surface.

I would only have been about 9 years old. I drew a picture and it was given to the police at the time by my parents. I was passing in a school bus and saw it very low, maybe a few feet above the ground level, and stationary above a field where the hay had been cut.

I cannot remember very clearly, as I was so young, and wondered if others had seen it. I remember trying to tell a friends on the bus to look but couldn't attract their attention quickly enough.

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