UFO Invasion of 1973

UFO Invasion of 1973

Date: October 9, 1973

Location: East-Central Delaware County, IN

Residents of east-central Indiana lit up the first responder switchboards with upwards of 700 calls reporting UFO sightings, according to an article in The Cincinnati Post.

Local law enforcement officers spent hours tracking the object, described as blinking a red/white/blue revolving light and often hovering near the ground.

We can only presume they weren’t merely seeing the flashers of their own squad cars. Astronomy students at Ball State University claimed to have seen the UFO by telescope, and radar operators at an airfield in Fort Wayne allegedly picked up an unexplained blip on their screen.

In fact, a widespread flurry of such activity, known as a flap, that October came to be known as the UFO Invasion of 1973, and congressman Roush, quoted in the Columbus Citizen Journal, worried that:

The increased sightings nationally could lead to a state of panic and hysteria, and we ought to be concerned about it.

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