When I was 15...

When I was 15...

Date: June 30, 1956

Location: United Kingdom

I'm from the United Kingdom.

When I was aged 15 my parents used to own a static caravan holiday home.

When I had a week off school we used to go up there.

I had a friend and his family did the same.

We used to sneak out with some beers and have a wander late at night while everyone else was sleeping.

The holiday park was by the coast and if you followed a trail it would lead you to the top of some clay cliffs and a large grassy area with ponds, farmland and lots of bushes.

There was a bench we used to sit on overlooking the beach and we would smoke cigarettes and drink beers and just generally have a good time.

This one night we decided to walk a bit further.

It was dark but the moonlight was shimmering and lighting up the pathway.

Not a sound could be heard.

It was like all noise had ceased.

We were walking between 2 thick bushy trees and a hedgerow.

I stopped suddenly because I heard a rustling in the bushes.

Basically, there were 2 huge trees and behind them was a dense thick hedge about 6' high.

I turned on my mobile phone camera light and saw that 2 animal eyes were reflecting back.

I said to my friend that maybe it's a fox.

So I moved a bit closer and had to duck under a branch.

So I'm now bent over kind of squatting to get in and take a closer look.

As I shone my light into the hedge I saw what looked like a white oval shaped large smooth rock.

The oval shaped object turned, and what I saw has haunted me for a long time since.

I'm 37 now and this was when I was 15.

What I thought was a funny rock was a bald head and it was like somebody was lying on their back and I was looking side on to them.

The head turned to me and all I could make out was inhuman black eyes and the most hideous hateful expression.

Although it was humanoid it was not human.

I didn't notice the body of creature but just the facial expression.

It paralyzed me like a rabbit in headlights.

I've never felt fear like it.

I went white as a sheet, goosebumps and just completely incapable of moving.

My fight or flight response then made me move.

I turned and ran bashing my head on a branch.

I just shouted a swear word, then run to my friend.

I expect he saw my expression of fear and he just ran like me.

When we finally felt safe and were back near caravan park, I tried to explain what happened but it took a while for me to actually want to talk about that face.

The whole seeing the face probably only lasted 3 seconds.

I am getting goosebumps now just writing this.

I do believe that there are some things lurking in the dark that we really do not want to see.

I unfortunately saw one and I wasn't even looking for it.

I just thought it was a fox.

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