Flashing Light Over Indiana

Flashing Light Over Indiana

Date: August 7, 1957

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Sighting of object over Indiana from Indianapolis, IN flying northeast into northwest Ohio.

Flashing lights red to green to white/blue, travels fast at times and stood still at other times.

aAproximately 5,500' altitude.

Witnessed by numerous Indiana residence along its path including police officers.

Sighting found in newspaper articles of the time, not currently in database town showed a silhouette of a very large (a couple of hundred feet?)black cigar shaped object slowly traveling from left to righ with a light at the right end that flashed blue and white now and then. It stopped then slowly went down behind the hill but I never saw it again. I read in the paper that the Ludlow police also saw the same object and would love to find that report to verify my memory of the exact dates involved.

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