Homer Indiana Landing II

Homer Indiana Landing  II

August 24 & 25, 2005

Location: Indianapolis, IN

This case involves a 2 day journey that neither witness will forget.

A couple traveled from Eagle Rock, Missouri to small resort near Marion, Ohio. Only the wife has been interviewed.

A few miles of West of Indianapolis, IN the wife was driving their Ford Pickup truck eastbound on I-70. She noticed what looked to be fire, smoke, and flashing lights behind trees to her left, North.

She immediately smelled a strong putrid odor that made her sick. The odor was similar to sulfuric acid and burnt tar. The witness was familiar with chemical odors because she used to work for Dow Chemical. She then noticed lights rise from the fiery area and noticed them for about 90 miles until she stopped for gas at Richmond, IN. The couple then pulled off the road and slept until sunrise and then completed their journey to the resort near Marion, OH.

Later that day they drove from the resort to Marion, OH to visit another relative. On their return right after midnight on August 25 she saw the stealth like craft in the drawing above crossing highway 61 very slowly and very low. She heard no sound and passed right under the object.

The same putrid smell experienced the night before was very evident. Upon her return to Marion she noticed the severe damage to the new shoes which had never been worn before her trip. A few days later the couple returned to Eagle Rock, MO and the wife was still experiencing sickness. Coughing, laryngitis, white stool, and burning lungs. She also stated that her hair looked burnt.

It should be noted that the lady informed the Morrow County, Ohio Sheriff Department of the incident. The sheriff took no action and told her to report the incident to the FBI. The witness reported the incident to the FBIís Indianapolis, IN office. The FBI said that no fire occurred to the West of Indianapolis where the witness saw the bright display and later lights flying from this display. The FBI chastised her and told her that she should have reported the incident earlier.

She didnít report the incident until her return to Missouri on August 30, 2005. She then called Homeland Security and they told her that they were too busy with the hurricane situation on the Gulf Coast and therefore they took no action.

She then reported the incident to UFOS Northwest.


Over a month after the encounters the witness continued to experience physical symptoms that surfaced since her encounters in August of 2005. She has experienced a significant rise in blood pressure, noticed that black flakes would fall out of her hair when brushing, mostly occurred a few days after incident, and had a red sore on her ankle which has since healed. The witness purchased another pair of shoes from Walmart similar, but not the same as the boots worn in the encounters. The shoes were purchased at my request. I now have the shoes and will use them in future analyses in comparison of damaged material on the shoes she wore on the nights of the incidents versus material on the new shoes. Both pairs of shoes are constructed of the same type of synthetic suede material. The material is actually a rayon suede. The witness also added that she felt a mist like material during the encounters.

The witness reports that more than a month after both incidents that she had noted a significant rise in blood pressure. Subsequent to this the witness visited a doctor and told of her UFO encounter.

The witness visited a physician on October 11, 2005. She told the physician of her close encounters with a UFO. The physician was familiar with possible physical ailments as the result of encounters with UFOs. The physician has diagnosed chemical pneumonia and kidney infection. More tests are being run. The witness will be keeping me updated on her prognosis.

The witness has reported that she is feeling much better nearly 2 months after her encounter. Her physician also confirmed her improving physical condition.

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