There Was An Aura Or Haze Around The Object

There Was An Aura Or Haze Around The Object

Date: June 30, 1946

Location: Index, WA

A pair of 4th grade boys observed a green fireball go from South to North over the top of an East to West low mountain range.

Index is completely enclosed by mountains.

This object flew into the side of the North of town, higher mountain, it runs East to West.

The landing was not accompanied by a flash, explosion,or anything else.

We were walking on a street running South to North close to my house.

We saw the object as it came into view very close to the top of the South mountain.

We could observe the top of the North mountain, and observe it far below the top of the East mountain, Mt. Baring/Gunns peaks lying southeast to northeast.

The object hit/landed, about ¾ of a mile East of Lookout Point, looks like an inverted V or caret (^) above, and directly North of the street that runs South to North, from the car bridge North to where that street butts up to the North mountain.

In addition to that object, at the end of the summer I awoke to see a grayish figure in my bedroom at the doorway as tall as the door 6' 10".

I yelled for my father. and pulled the blankets over my head.

This occurred about 1 or 2 months after we observed the greenish fireball.

This happened before we had ever heard of UFOs or flying saucers.

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