Alien Implants - Alien Nanotechnology

Alien Implants - Alien Nanotechnology

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Alien nanotechnology, which is believed to be pieces of evidence embedded into abducted humans by extraterrestrials.

There is a documentary called Patient Seventeen, which shows Dr. Roger Leirs 17th surgical removal of extraterrestrial implanted.

With more than half the people in this world believing that aliens exist, Dr. Roger Leir is not alone in his belief. This information has been found and studied through the pieces found in these abductees.

Over the past two decades, researchers have been exploring the belief that these encounters may in fact be true.

During the documentary of Patient Seventeen, Dr. Roger Leir came to find that the extraterrestrial implant that was inside of his patient was made of a total of 36 elements, which is far grater than any industrial form of article.

Dr. Leir also shared in his documentary how the isotopic ratios of Zinc 64 and Zinc 66 would indicate that these elements could not have been made possible from elements found here on earth.

The case against this belief would be that there is no legitimate evidence that is able to be backed up scientifically. Dr. Leir also was very stringent when it came to sharing his research, which never sits well in the scientific world.

The contributions that form this belief system comes from a vast array of research from depicting of objects found in such patients. That being said, people are lead to believe what they do from the information found from the elements that make up the objects. I would think that the background information or more so misinterpretation of such is what would cause someone to believe one way or another.

When someone provides a great deal of research, such as elements in an object, people can easily be persuaded and be lead to believe what the researcher believes.

The community of believers come from those who also believe in UFOs and aliens and that they do in fact exist. There are multiple social influences that have contributed to this growing belief system, especially over the past couple of years.

Media is a huge form of influence, through movies, TV shows, and anything that even talks about them. Even if they are not projecting them to be real or not, it still puts the thought out there.

The psychological explanations for the belief system is compromised by research that could not be explained by any other reasoning than what Dr. Leir has concluded.

The elements found in these objects highlight one of the bigger psychological explanations for this belief. For there to be no other explanation of the combinations of elements, and the complexity of the whole, it makes it seem easier to believe.

I feel as though the biggest psychological explanation this belief has would be the cognitive dissonance someone experiences to lead them to have to change their perspective.

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