UFO Observed From Aircraft Over Iceland

UFO Observed From Aircraft Over Iceland

Date: July 2, 1957

Location: Iceland

It was a cigar shaped craft 400' long and 75' in diameter, like shiny aluminum, pulled up along side the Navy plane.

I was 14 years old, am 62 now.

My friend's dad, was a PAX pilot on a Navy Anti Submarine Warfare Aircraft returning from Iceland.

They were flying at 20,000' and above the clouds.

All on board started taking pictures.

One crew member took 6 pictures and reloaded a roll of fresh film and started clicking pictures as fast as he could aim and shoot.

The UFO moved around the plane over the top, port side, under and back to the right side.

It flew along side for several minutes.

The pilot made some maneuvers and the UFO followed precisely.

The UFO pulled away at a high rate of speed and disappeared in the clouds.

Later the navigator ordered everyone to turn over their cameras and film.

The one crewman kept the first roll of 6 pictures.

He had the 6 pictures developed and there clear as a bell was the UFO.

I was fascinated and looked at the pictures a long time.,there was a row of windows along the side, like round portholes.

This was a solid mechanical device that made ballistic moves that no man made aircraft could make.

Nothing official was ever reported.

I did not see the UFO personally but saw the photos and heard witness reports.

I believe that what I saw to be absolutely genuine.

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