It Just Hovered Over Us

It Just Hovered Over Us

Date: June 15, 1961

Location: Huntsville, AL

I was roller skating with a friend in the back alley behind our house in the early summer of 1961, school was out so this was early in the day.

It was a clear day with no clouds in the sky.

A shadow came over us we thought it was a summer thundercloud.

We looked up and a large triangular object was just sitting there.

It was a matte silver/gray, the tips more rounded instead of sharp, with no lights visible to the eye.

There were no seams in the craft, it made no sound at all and there was nothing to indicate there was any type of an entry.

It was very close, about 200' or so above us.

We were only about 10 years old or so, so the distance is hard to judge.

My friend became extremely frightened and went home, I ran to my back door where my mother was coming out.

I told her to come and look but when I turned to point it out, it had disappeared.

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