Oh, It's Only A UFO

Oh, It's Only A UFO

Date: July 1, 1975

Location: Hull, England

Aged about 15 years of age, I was playing with my friends. It was the summer nights and as the sun was getting ready to set, The clouds where very orange.

I looked up, when I heard a very distant swooosh sound and saw a greyish triangular object had burst through the clouds and had caused a trail of cloud to follow it as it went downwards and then did a U turn upwards and disappeared back into the clouds.

Myself and my friends saw this and when I said:

What is it?

One of my friends very casually said:

Oh! It's only a UFO.

This has played on my mind for all these years and I thought I would share it with you, To see if anyone else has seen similar or in fact if anyone else from Hull England may have seen the same thing on the same evening.

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