What I First Thought Was A Satellite

What I First Thought Was A Satellite

Date: April 21, 1960

Location: Houston, TX

I was sitting on the back steps of my parents' home, watching the sky which has always been a favorite pass time.

Sometimes I would be lucky enough to see a satellite fly over.

On this night, the exact date I cannot recall, I saw what I at first thought was a satellite streaking across the sky out of due North.

It was brighter than the stars and traveling at what I thought would be the speed of a satelite.

To my utter amazement, it came to an absolute stop.

I was stunned and tried to imagine what it could be.

I aligned it with the peak of the garage roof and stared at for a while, my mind whirling.

After what seemed like a minute or less, it resumed its fast speed, due West.

It had made a perfect right angle change in its direction after the stop.

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