Object Coming From The South

Object Coming From The South

Date: March 3, 1960

Location: Houston, TX

I saw the object coming from the South, from the direction of the Gulf of Mexico.

It was lighting up the whole sky, whole neighborhood.

Curiously no one seemed to notice but me, I was outside with my telescope.

I trained the telescope on the object and saw triangular shaped object sitting on platform on top of the triangle was a light flashing gold & white.

Along the bottom of the platform was a row of blue & green lights blinking in alternate succession.

It came to stop across the street from where I was standing, approximately 75' away and about 60' up in the air.

It was making no sound.

I saw it clearly with the telescope.

It left after about 5 minutes, shooting straight up into sky like rocket taking off and was gone in less than a second.

Later it came back, the whole house lit up in inside with this bright golden light like you saw in episode of X Files where Mulder's sister is taken.

Remember, this was 30+ years or more before the X files was even heard of.

I saw 3 figures in our house, the classical big eyed, slant eyed greyish white aliens.

But at that time I had never even heard of such a thing, my father saw these figures too, up close since they were in his bedroom.

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