Observed Disk While Driving

Observed Disk While Driving

Date: June 15,1958

Location: Houston, TX

We stopped, got out and stood watching disk as it stopped directly over us.

No sound or other disturbance.

Myself, mother and father were westbound on Hammerly Rd. when my father started looking at something in the sky.

He stopped the car and got out and saw a saucer shaped object to the northwest of us.

It was dark while a red light was on located on the bottom in the center.

When the red light went out there was a glow coming from a circular area out from the center.

This glow was greenish/blue in color.

We stood next to the car for about 2 minutes watching the object as it was stationary directly above us.

It did not wobble, there was no sound or disturbance to indicate a propulsion.

It then moved to the East following Hammerly Rd.

It went over a Parking lot at Wirt Rd. and Long Point Rd. where there was a carnival being held on the parking lot.

It stopped over the carnival as if it was watching.

We could see the lights reflecting off the bottom.

It then started moving eastbound following Long Point Rd.

We got back in the car and went home, which was about 3 miles northwest from that location.

We were able to keep it in view the entire distance.

We called my uncle that lived about 10 minutes away and he came to our house where he & my father tried to observe the object through an 8" telescope.

They only said it looked like it had some type of windows.

We last saw it following Hempstead highway to the northwest.

After this night we rarely discussed the sighting between ourselves and never with anyone else.

The object was the classic saucer shape and would be about the size of a 24" plate held at arms length while it was above us.

While it was above us and when we saw it over the carnival it appeared to be about 300' up.

I only realized several years ago that the red light on the bottom was like a laser light in the scanners used in stores.

There could have been missing time.

My father, mother, and uncle have since died of cancer, my mother had a rare form of eye cancer.

This was not a balloon, helicopter or any other type of craft we would have had at that time let alone now.

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