Huge Light Moving Down

Huge Light Moving Down

Date: October 15, 1957

Location: Ellington AFB, Houston, TX

5" to 6" diameter light, extremely fast, silent, made an impossible inside 45° turn, and sped away horizontally.

This report goes back to Autumn of 1957, only one object.

I first noticed the entire area outside the rec room illuminated like day.

Jumped over the couch to the open door and looked up at this huge light moving down toward me and 45°.

When its size, at arm's length, reached 5" in diameter it veered away horizontally and out of sight.

It was as though I could feel the heat of the light on my face.

No detail to see, literally like looking into a headlight.

Absolutely no sound or other lights visible.

As it vanished may have been 60' to 100'.

This happened so fast it is difficult estimating its size and altitude.

Duration of sighting was about 3 seconds.

I don't recall the moon being out, but it was dark out, cool and clear.

I was wondering if others may have reported this, should have been seen by many!

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